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Information for researchers: Sub-sample Studies

A two generational study of health among people of Irish and Scottish descent (Patricia Walls)

The aims of this study were to examine religious or cultural factors which might explain a previously observed excess of poor health among those of Catholic descent in the West of Scotland

The study involved interviews with 72 respondents from the 1930s and 1950s cohorts, living in the study localities in 1998.


Walls P. The health of Irish-descended Catholics in Glasgow: A qualitative study of the links between health risk and ethnic and religious identities [PhD]. MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit. Glasgow: University of Glasgow, 2005.

Walls, P. and R. Williams (2004). "Accounting for Irish Catholic ill health in Scotland: a qualitative exploration of some links between 'religion', class and health." Sociology of Health and Illness 26(5): 527-556.