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Members Area


Key People

Project Director

Elise Whitley  BSc MSc PhD

Data Scientist
Mary-Kate Hannah BSc (Hons) MSc 


Data Access Group

Dr Elise Whitley (Study Director)

Dr Michael Green

Dr Denise Brown

Dr Kathryn Skivington

Dr Richard Shaw

Mrs Mary-Kate Hannah (Data Scientist)


Steering Committee

External Members:

Professor Ewan MacDonald (Chair, University of Glasgow)

Professor Kate Hunt

Professor Sally Wyke (University of Glasgow)

Professor Carol Tannahill (Glasgow Centre for Population Health)

Professor Paul Shiels (University of Glasgow)


Internal members:

Dr Elise Whitley (Study Director)

Professor Alastair Leyland

Professor Laurence Moore (Unit Director)


Twenty-07 data are used in research projects across all programmes in the Unit and are available for collaborations with bona fide researchers.