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Information for Researchers: Regional Sample

Around 1,000 people in each age group were sampled from 52 postcode sectors in the Central Clydeside Conurbation, which included the City of Glasgow. This is a socially mixed region with a population of 1.7 million, and the postcode sectors were chosen to reflect a spread of social advantage and disadvantage.

The interviews (in 1987/8, 1990/1, 1995/6 and 2000/3 and finally 2007) are wide-ranging, and include questions on paid and unpaid work, housing, income, family composition, social support, stress, life events, leisure activities, health promoting and health damaging behaviours, beliefs and values, and many other material, cultural and psychological factors, along with measures of physical and mental health and well being. Other measures include height, weight, girth, blood pressure, respiratory function, reaction times, and (in 1995/6 only), cardiovascular reactivity and secretory immunoglobulin-A.

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