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About Twenty-07: How the Study works

The West of Scotland Twenty-07 Study is following three groups of people originally aged 15, 35, and 55 for twenty years.  Participants originally lived in the Central Clydeside Conurbation but have been followed wherever they have moved to since then.

In 1987/88, all participants were interviewed in their homes, first by a social interviewer who asked wide ranging questions about their lives, and then by a nurse who, as well as asking about their past health, took a range of physical measures...Read more

As you can see from the table below, participants have been interviewed on four further occasions (Waves 2, 3, 4 and 5) in their own homes. In addition, some specific groups of participants have been invited to take part in additional studies...Read more

The Cohorts:  Approximate age at interview



Wave 1


Wave 2


Wave 3


Wave 4


Final Wave


1970s 15 18 23 30 35
1950s 35 39 44 50 55
1930s 35 59 64 69 75